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Chairman of Global FM invites facility managers to support World FM Day 2015

Chairman of Global FM, Duncan Waddell, invites FM’s and organisations to support World FM Day 2015.


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Global FM has a range of membership and partnership opportunities available for facilities management organisations as well as companies looking to support Global FM activities and events.

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Success Stories

Global FM celebrates success and innovation in facilities management worldwide. This means we recognise excellence in the people carrying out the role as well as the buildings and project they manage.
We hope sharing these success stories it will not only demonstrate the diverse and varied nature of facilities management in practice, but also inspire the reader whether they are an experienced FM, new to the industry or simply wanting to find out more.

Mark Leighton

United Kingdom

André Klopper

South Africa

Jason Happy

New Zealand

John Braithwaite

New Zealand

ASB Head Office

Auckland, New Zealand

Bruce Hallam

New Zealand

Grey Water Usage

Cape Town, South Africa.

Renee Buerger

South Africa


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The FM Summit

6th May 2015

The FM Summit is the premier event on the Facilities Management Association of New Zealand calendar each year. With around 300 delegates and an exciting array of speakers, workshops and… Read More

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Our Blog

Finding excellence in Facility Management

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Championing our industry

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Enhance your Professional Development

Member organisations offer a range of opportunities to support the professional development of facilities managers in your region. Taking a planned approach to your development can lead to new opportunities, greater job satisfaction and also help to secure promotion.