World FM Day 2014

Once again the facilities management industry around the world is getting ready to celebrate World FM Day, by far the most significant date on our global calendar.

To be held on 4 June 2014, the aim of World FM Day is to raise the profile of the FM profession, not just in your local markets, but anywhere FMs influence the health, safety, productivity and well-being of people who utilise the built environment; and that means everywhere.

This year’s theme is ‘Connected FM, Connected World – Global Knowledge Sharing’, focusing on how we connect with our own organisations, how we understand our clients and importantly, how we can tailor and share information and learnings to grow individual businesses and the profile of the wider industry.

Be it a formal panel seminar, a staff office morning tea or a client networking event, since 2008 World FM Day has provided the catalyst to engage hundreds of individuals, companies, associations and partners in celebrating their successes and showing the world the important contributions facility management brings to the built environment.

Let us know what you intend to do for World FM Day and we will put it on the Global FM website as both information sharing and as an inspiration to others who are looking for great ways to get involved. Following World FM Day, articles will be prepared for magazines produced by local FM Associations, including what you did to recognise this great day.

To let us know what you will doing or for more information please email

> Facebook : Search for “World FM Day” on Facebook and follow the latest updates about events happening on 4 June. You can also post messages and upload videos and photos to let the world know how you celebrated World FM Day.

> Twitter: Spread the word about Global FM and World FM Day using the hashtag #worldfmday in all your messages related to the day. tweets @WorldFMDay for you to have the latest news about 4 June


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