Finding excellence in Facility Management

Since 2009 Global FM has recognised the efforts of individuals or teams working within the FM industry, through its Global FM Awards for Excellence in Facility Management.


Behind the scenes Member associations of Global FM are already starting to review and submit entries to showcase their representations for this year’s awards, that will be announced on World FM Day on 10 June 2015.


The Awards may recognise anyone from researchers through to facility operators, who have made a positive contribution to the knowledge, practical application and communication of strategies to improve the workplace environment along with the sustainable performance of their facilities.


All of the submissions will be judged against the following topics:
• Innovation
• Advancement of FM
• Corporate Outcomes
• Contribution to Global FM’s mission
• Leadership in FM Operations
For Global FM members hosting annual Awards of Excellence, submittals will be taken from their most recent Awards procedure which must have taken place over the past twelve months. This means that only those who have applied to a national awards program (not necessarily just the winners) are entitled to apply to Global FM Awards program.


For Global FM members that do not have an Award program, individuals and teams involved in research, strategy implementation and change management designed to improve the sustainable performance of facilities across their life cycle will be eligible to participate. These individuals or teams must submit their entry to their FM association. The GFM Member association shall then decide which entries to submit to Global FM.


I believe these Awards provide an invaluable worldwide recognition to recipients for their commitment and success in promoting and enhancing FM practices. The recipients of these awards will have demonstrated the value of their innovations as well as improvements to the community through sustainable outcomes in the FM industry. These innovations and improvements will have arisen from research or an initiative and will be substantiated by supporting documentation or independent verification of the outcomes of the initiative, or in the case of research, the key findings.


These Awards of Excellence in FM are intended to recognise the “best of the best” within the FM world and to promote the strategic value and progress of facilities management. I look forward to the Award winners’ announcement this coming World FM Day.


Duncan Waddell
Chair, Global FM

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