FM Hits The World Stage

ISO 41001 Facility Management (FM) management systems standard was published on 23 April 2018.


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has announced the publication of a new management system standard to join the ranks of ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO/IEC 27001 Information security management.


“This latest release: ISO 41001 Facility management – Management systems – Requirements with guidance for use has just been published to set a new standard that will assist FM teams and organizations to manage themselves as well as their facilities more effectively, drawing on international best practice and providing a common platform for all types of organizations.  The standard will also assist corporate and governmental organizations when sourcing outsourced providers who are able to demonstrate compliance with the standard and will provide them with an assurance regarding the type and approach of their prospective partners.” Read the full release from ISO here.


As the first standard of its kind for FM, ISO 41001 has been lauded as a game changer for the FM industry — the benchmark by which all FM will be judged henceforth. Professionals around the world are embracing the standard as a critical, strategic tool to advance the professional discipline of FM globally.

Jim Whittaker (United States), Convenor, ISO/TC 267/WG 03, Management System Standards


The ability of FM practitioners to speak the same professional language around the world is the foundation of a robust global community that will be better situated to tackle the challenges of the future

Stan Mitchell (United Kingdom), Chair, ISO/TC 267, Facility Management


[Facility managers] are now in a position to provide consistency for the FM profession internationally and to provide a framework for standards on a worldwide scale…The ISO 41000 family of standards brings together the FM community worldwide to speak one language and establish standards that will demonstrate the strategic importance and ability of FM to support the demand organisation requirements in a proactive, innovative, cost effective and sustainable manner.

MKO Balogun (Nigeria), Member, ISO/TC 267/WG 03, Management System Standards


The standard will also ensure FM grows around the world, especially in continents and countries where FM is at infancy and for the benefit of business in such countries and business coming into such countries.

ISO 41001 is available from your national ISO member standards body or the ISO Store –

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