FMA launches Indigenous Engagement Strategy

The Ideaction Oceania conference dinner on Monday marked a significant milestone in the history of the Facility Management Association, as the National Board Chair, Kristiana Greenwood, and Diversity Portfolio Group Chair, Suellyn Ward, opened the dinner with the launch of the Association’s first Indigenous Engagement Strategy.

The launch of the Strategy at the start of the dinner, which was held at Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, was a clear indication of the commitment the Association has made to addressing Indigenous disadvantage.

The Association’s Chief Executive, Nicholas Burt, said “the opportunity to aspire to, and measure progress towards, goals aimed at improving Indigenous engagement is extremely important”.

He also said the decision to have an Indigenous Engagement Strategy, rather than a Reconciliation Action Plan, was a conscious one. “As an industry body there is an opportunity to use the Association’s sphere of influence to make a broader impact by introducing this strategy.”

The work of the Association with its industry partners will make a demonstrable difference in engagement opportunities. To this end, the Association’s education partner, UNE Partnerships, has already committed to an annual scholarship. This is a clear legacy of the conference and strategy launch. The Association’s National Office will work with UNE Partnership to have application and selection processes in place as soon as possible.

The Association will use the commitment of a scholarship as a catalyst to enable a cadetship to be put in place with industry support.

The Indigenous Engagement Strategy was developed by the Association’s Diversity Portfolio Group. Mr Burt said its development demonstrated the strong process of engagement provided through the portfolio group structure.

The Association looks forward to promoting the Strategy and reporting on its progress to members and the industry more broadly. To view the strategy, click here.


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Communications and Marketing Lead
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