Platinum award winner: Innovation Gateway

Each year, the worldwide FM community gathers to recognise outstanding achievement in the FM profession through the Global FM Awards for Excellence in Facility Management. In particular, we celebrate those who promote and progress the facilities management profession by leveraging the Global FM member associations’ strengths, knowledge and experience.

There are three level of awards for excellence in FM:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver

This year’s platinum award winner – the cream of the Global FM Awards crop – was submitted by the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM), the professional body for facilities management (FM) in the UK. The excellent submission was judged to have best addressed the key award criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Advancement of FM
  • Corporate outcomes
  • Contribution to FM worldwide
  • Leadership in FM operations

Innovation Gateway – the power of many
The Innovation Gateway is an alliance of leading organisations taking a unique and effective approach to reduce the operational costs, risks and environmental impacts of their buildings. The initiative leverages the collective strength across diverse industries (‘the power of many’) to transform the performance of their properties, at scale.

The Innovation Gateway partners, including Tesco, Heathrow, RBS, Kingfisher, Unite Students, Nottingham City Council, Places for People, University of Glasgow and others, work together to share experience, best-practice, and performance data from pilot programs, as well as helping each other to source the innovations needed to address their common challenges. The ultimate aim is to unlock the insight and experience needed to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at scale.

Benefits and highlights

  • Identify and prioritise the issues and opportunities with the greatest potential impact for the partners
  • Share existing knowledge, experience and best practice between partners across these priority challenges and opportunities
  • Provide a targeted and streamlined approach to sourcing high-impact innovations that solve common challenges and help deliver against the SDGs at scale
  • Leverage scale and collective strength to benefit all partners
  • Share performance data from pilot programs
  • Accelerate the route to market for identified innovations
  • Democratise the breakthrough innovations that will have the greatest impact on the biggest challenges in the built environment
    Enable partners to demonstrate industry leadership across relevant innovations
  • Measurably reduce costs (millions of euros) and environmental impacts across areas including energy (over 150,000 MWh saved), waste (over 1.5 million cups per annum), water (billions of litres of water saved) and CO2 emissions (over 35 tonnes avoided)

One of the major benefits of the initiative, as captured in the ‘power of many’ tagline, is the strength that comes from sharing knowledge, experience, skills and learnings across a broad array of partners. This is summed up by Tim Golding, UK Property Director at Tesco:

“Despite the diversity of the Innovation Gateway partners, our challenges are surprisingly similar and it is encouraging to know that, together, we can seek more quickly to overcome these.”

The partners are committed to working collaboratively across sectors and reducing the environmental impacts in their properties. By continuing to harness their collective strength, they provide a fantastic model for implementing innovation that saves time and resources while supporting healthier workplaces and environments.

On behalf of the entire Global FM community, we congratulate the 2019 Global FM Awards platinum winners.

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