Gold Award for Excellence in FM 2019: Emrill

Driving Innovation, Knowledge, and Experience to Deliver Excellence in FM

As part of our annual celebration of outstanding achievement in the facilities management profession, the Global FM Awards for Excellence in Facility Management provides the opportunity for Global FM member associations to showcase their members’ strengths, knowledge and experience.

The 2019 Gold Award for Excellence in FM was awarded to Emrill. Nominated by MEFMA (Middle East Facility Management Association), the award is a recognition of the success of Emrill’s Innovation and Digital Transformation Programme.

With nearly 8,000 team members and a growing portfolio of iconic FM contracts throughout the UAE, Emrill is one of the largest FM organisations globally. Their commitment to driving innovation with a focus on sustainability to achieve ongoing improvement means their clients benefit from the consistent delivery of cutting-edge technology, industry-leading techniques and the latest equipment releases as a direct result of the programme.

Following the launch of its new state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence, Emrill has launched a number of initiatives to drive continuous improvement and innovations, including:

  • Dragon’s Den: business improvement ideas shared and implemented
  • Innovation sessions: Innovation Week (November 2018)
  • Quarterly Continuous Improvement Workshops (CIWs): resulted in a 100% improvement in contract retention Success Factors in 2018

These initiatives add value to Emrill and the wider region, cultivating intellectual capital by encouraging the exploration of new and cutting-edge ideas presented by Emrill staff at all levels and achieving a shift in mindset to a ‘continuous improvement process with personal accountability’.

Just some of the initiatives of the programme included:

  • Efficiency-enhancing app: Improved customer satisfaction with reduced manpower, optimised staff levels and improved supervision leading to increased contract retention
  • Robotic cordless multi-function cleaner: reduced water use and safety hazards, and increased efficiency (400% faster than manual action)
  • Battery-operated mop: saves 150 litres of water daily per site
  • Robotic pool-cleaning machine: saves 50,000 gallons of water, 270 man hours and Dh30,000 annually

The programme achieved numerous outstanding results, including:

  • 124 staff engaged in CIW
    58 ideas presented
    156 hours of learning achieved
    Record number of positive client assessments conducted
    Best practice and Kaizen shared with employees to encourage day-to-day innovation
    26 innovative ideas implemented from Innovation Week

Emrill supported the Global FM standards through its commitment to inspire and nurture its people, to challenge and raise regional FM standards and ro redefine and improve the client experience – one building, one community and one place at a time. The award judges were also impressed by Emrill’s focus on developing the next generation of facilities managers through custom in-house education and upskilling programmes.

Importantly, these initiatives have also enabled Emrill to continue to increase overall revenue year on year since inception.

Congratulations to Emrill, winner of the 2019 Global FM Gold Award for Excellence in FM, and a huge thanks to MEFMA for supporting such world-class FM initiatives.

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