Founded on 1 July 2006, Global FM – Global Facility Management Association, is a worldwide
federation of member-centric organisations, committed to providing leadership in the facilities
management profession. As a single, united entity promoting facilities management, Global FM is a
conduit for furthering the advancement, knowledge and understanding of facilities management and
the sharing of best practices, resulting in added value to the individual members of each member

2021 will be the 12th Anniversary since the inaugural Global FM awards in/for excellence began in
2009. Year on year the success of the Global FM awards grows, as do our member organisations.


Global recognition of the facilities management profession.


Promote the strategic value and progress of the facilities management profession by leveraging the
Global FM member associations’ strengths, knowledge and experience.

Global FM Awards of Excellence

The Global FM Awards of Excellence recognise the “best of the best” within the FM World. Nominated
by FM associations around the world, every entry has already achieved a level of distinction.
Recognition through the Global FM Awards of Excellence celebrates and shares the efforts of
individuals and teams, who have made a significant contribution to the knowledge and practice of FM
to improve the workplace, built or personal environment. Entrants include facility owners and operators,
service providers and researchers.

Global FM Awards of Excellence 2021

‘Celebrating FM – Standing Tall beyond the Pandemic’
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), has had an unprecedented impact on businesses and
organisations globally in 2020. The consequences of the pandemic will continue to bring challenges to
the workplace and the delivery of FM services for the foreseeable future. Globally the FM industry have
been and will continue to be at the forefront of addressing these challenges that allow businesses and
organisations to get back to the new “normal”.

This is an Awards program that recognises the efforts by individuals or teams within the FM profession
and industry during these challenging times. From researchers, through to facility operators, who have
made a positive contribution to the knowledge, practical application and communication of strategies to
bring a safe and secure workplace environment and sustainable performance of their facilities both
during the pandemic but also looking beyond the pandemic in a resilient manner.

These Awards of Excellence in FM are intended to recognise the “best of the best” within the FM world
and to promote the strategic value and progress of facilities management. These awards will provide
an invaluable worldwide recognition to recipients for their commitment and success in promoting and
enhancing FM practices.

The recipients of these awards will have demonstrated the value of their innovations and/or
improvements to the industry community through standing tall beyond the pandemic.

The innovations and/or improvements will have arisen from research or an initiative and will be
substantiated by supporting documentation or independent verification of the outcomes of the initiative,
or in the case of research, the key findings.

The Submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Creation, Evolution and Sustainability
  • Innovation and Advancement of FM
  • Corporate Outcomes
  • Leadership and Success in FM Operations
  • Contribution to FM Worldwide & Global FM’s vision and mission

Three levels of Excellence will be awarded:

1. Platinum Award of Excellence in FM
2. Gold Award of Excellence in FM
3. Silver Award of Excellence in FM

The Award winners’ announcement will take place on 12th May 2021 during World FM Day, or during
the week of World FM Day, dependent on the Recipients Association ability to recognise the Awards.


  • All submissions must be endorsed and transmitted through a Global FM Member. The Global FM
    Member’s representative will be responsible for gathering entries and sending them to the Global
    FM for review, as per the information included herein.
  • Maximum of three entries per Global FM Member association.
  • Entries need to be taken from your most recent awards procedure, which must have taken place
    over the past twelve months (March 2020 – February 2021) This means that only those who have
    applied to a national awards program (not necessarily just the winners) are entitled to apply to
    Global FM Awards program.
  • For Global FM members that do not have an award program, individuals and teams involved in
    research, strategy implementation and change management designed to improve the sustainable
    performance of facilities across their life cycle will be eligible to participate. These individuals or
    teams must submit their entry to their Member FM association. The Member association shall then
    decide which entries to submit to Global FM.
  • Entrants are encouraged to re-write their entry for a Member associations award scheme so that it
    is clear to the Global FM Awards of Excellence judges how the entry addresses the five judging
  • Operational or implemented initiatives must have been fully operational for at least six months prior
    to 01 March 2021, to be eligible for these awards.
  • Each Global FM Member submitting must provide the name of one main contact and one judge
    (these are not to be the same person).
  • Only official judges will be included on emails regarding judges. The Award contact and/or Global
    FM Member association contact will receive emails regarding status, directions, etc.
    Deadlines must be met and cannot be extended.
  • All judges’ names will be kept anonymous as to which submissions they considered.


There will only be one phase of judging.
Global FM Members are requested to submit a maximum of three entries, following the rules included
in this brochure. These entries shall be subject to a selection process by the Judging Panel. The
selection shall be made according to the criteria set out in this brochure.
The finalists will be informed that they have been selected for the shortlist once judging has been


1. Complete the Submission Form (attached on the last pages of this document).
2. One page (500 words maximum) per judging criteria:
a. Creation, Evolution and Sustainability
b. Innovation & Advancement of FM
c. Corporate Outcomes
d. Leadership and Success in FM Operations
e. Contribution to FM Worldwide & Global FM’s vision and mission
3. Entries to be in English
4. Attach a maximum of two supporting documents (4 pages maximum) e:
a. Published articles;
b. Certificates/awards or any other materials that may be considered to support your entry;
c. An independent report verifying the entry’s findings or outcomes will be heavily
d. No General Marketing material is to be included.
5. Submit by email to Andy Kelly ([email protected]) in PDF format by COB 22nd
March 2021.


Please ensure all responses are in the context of quantified and measured outcomes, with benchmarks
where appropriate. The evaluation criteria for these Awards are as follows:

1. Creation, Evolution and Sustainability
Detail how your submission was created and has evolved through to successful implementation.
Provide evidence to demonstrate considerations to sustainability including financial, environmental and
social aspects. (Weight 20%)
2. Innovation & Advancement of FM
What has your organisation done to include innovation in FM planning, design and operations of your
submission? How has the innovation considered the environment? Can your FM
solution/accomplishments be replicated in other areas e.g. departments, companies and countries?
What has your project done to promote the advancement of FM excellence? (Weight 20%)
3. Corporate outcomes
How has your FM initiative supported your corporate/organisational strategy? Explain challenges that
were experienced and overcome in implementing the project and what lessons were learned? How did
the cost of implementation of your initiative deliver a positive return to the financial performance of your
organisation? (Weight 20%)
4. Leadership and success in FM operations
Has your submission developed concepts that can serve as guidance to other FM organisations?
Provide results and evidence that demonstrate successes achieved. How can the process you followed
and the results you achieved benefit other FM professionals? (Weight 20%)
5. Contribution to Facility Management Worldwide & Global FMs vision and mission
What are the strengths of your submission that could be applied universally within the FM industry?
Please explain how your initiative demonstrates excellence and would benefit Facility Professionals on
a global basis. (Weight 20%)


  • 22nd March 2021: Entries to be submitted.
  • 22nd March – 23rd April 2021: Judges’ scoring takes place.
  • 30th April 2021: Top 5 Finalists will be notified.
  • 12th May 2021: World FM Day and final winners announced.


With the submission of your materials, including the video footage, Global FM reserves the right to use
materials submitted for the promotion of the awards. Every Global FM member’s representative will be
responsible for contacting its entrants individually, to seek written approval and authorisation for
information encompassed in the presentation to be used and published on Global FM website
“resource center”, prior to any publication. Under no circumstances shall the organisers be held
responsible for the payment of royalties or other charges for the use of the materials submitted.

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