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Sustainability Coming from the Floor: The Case of Carpet Cleaning at Shell Brazil Petroleo

Shell Brazil Petroleo

Imagining an operational process thta is constantly done at a facility. Now, look at it from a sustainability perspective, trying to understand how efficient it can be in terms of carbon emission. What to check? What parameters should be raised? How to analyze it? Is it satisfactory or is there another process on the market that is more appropriate? Is there any possibility of replicating it to other places?

This is what characterizes the present work whose focus is to compare the carpet cleaning processes: the dry cleaning one with the traditional process that uses water. Here, the differences between the two processes in terms of the use of natural resources will be presented and CO2 emission will be calculated.

Therefore, operational data of one Shell Brasil Petroleo site, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will be used.

When one thinks about the current dynamics of the organizational scenario, it is verified that it responds to virtuous cycle that connects concepts of sustainability to ESG princples and these to the management of adaptive or transformative changes so that necessary adjustments or potential innovations can be implemented.

Even though this movement was already happening (at a slow pave) in the last decade, it became a necessity during the pandemic period and it should become a habit in the near future.

Thus, evaluating operational and strategic activties from a more critical perspective, searching issues that add sustainable values to organizations seems the most fruitful way forward. 

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