GlobalFM Awards of Excellence 2014

Deborah Rowland (left) receives her award from from BIFM Chairman Julie Kortens

2014 Global FM Awards of Excellence Winners


The 2014 GlobalFM Awards of Excellence were announced on World FM day,  4th June 2014.

The winners were as follows: 


Platinum Award of Excellence in FM – BIFM, Deborah Rowland

Creation of a central FM strategy is assisting government in reducing the budget deficit by proving that FM is the enabler to achieving significant running cost efficiencies across the public sector estate. Working closely with key central government estate stakeholders enabled the development of the FM Contract Model which is now being procured. This will provide transparency of spend and supplier performance, consistency in FM standards and enable government to become an intelligent client.


Gold Award of Excellence in FM – IFMA, Greg Wood, Washington County sustainable Cleaning Program

Washington County constructed and opened over 350,000 square feet of new facility space in 2011 to bring the total portfolio to 1,019,707 rentable square feet. Space maintained is wide ranging in type including jail cells, courts, libraries, standard office space, and fleet maintenance.
One solution to help address many challenges was to adjust our cleaning processes and move staff from night to the daytime so we could optimize our HVAC and lighting systems hours of operation. During the assessment process we determined there were other opportunities for us to implement such as reducing the number of cleaning products used, using Green Seal certified products, and further developing the recycling program to reduce solid waste expenses and the amount that goes to the landfill.


Silver Award of Excellence in FM – ARSEG, AXA France

AXA France, as insurance market leader, wants to be an example in term of Corporate Social Responsibility. Energi’com software for tracking and management of energy consumption is one of the answers for this requirement. Energi’com goal is to involve all the users as actors about her proper site energy consumption.
The Facility management design is modified by the association of pedagogy theory married to a technical activity: it is not anymore only a management subject lead by building technical specialists but a real user’s issue, too. Built around a market toolkit, Energi’com, organizes a win-win relationship with all hard-services suppliers. Indeed, real-time data acquisition offers a concrete and dynamic vision for equipment management related to site lifecycle.

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