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Project Description

BAE Systems – UK

In an increasingly competitive environment, leading global defence and aerospace company BAE Systems issued a challenge across the organisation to find ways of becoming more efficient while reducing their cost base. In-house FM provider “Workplace Services” took up the challenge, reviewing existing operations and restructuring their delivery model to offer a ‘managed service’ tailored to their customers core business requirements.


Benefits were immediate, with cost savings in areas such as maintenance where the introduction of new strategies for facilities services and capital investment across the portfolio resulted in 25% savings on repairs. A 10% reduction in utility costs was achieved following the procurement of an energy bureau.


It was an innovative approach for BAE Systems to drive value through introducing a managed service with an outsourced model that aligned to customer needs, with competence, reliability and customer experience at its core.


Following the review, a People Development and Recognition programme was established with clear pathways for individuals FM careers. Increased emphasis was placed on generating leading edge ideas and sharing best practice to develop programmes with an environment and community focus aimed at improving CRC and sustainability targets.


Workplace Services continue to drive change with their innovative FM operational approaches to Real Estate and asset management in a diverse portfolio.


This model is flexible and scalable for new and existing customers. The principles can be developed throughout the organisation to deliver on European and Global platforms with a single service partner and can be adopted within similar sized organisations.