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Project Description

A day in the life of Bruce Kenning

FMANZ’s Chair, Bruce Kenning.

Bruce spent 15 years in the Defence Force property area, leading the amalgamation of the property and facilities organisations of the Army, Navy and Airforce into one property group in 2006. In 2011 he joined Inland Revenue, where he is currently the Group Manager of the FM business unit. A keen traveller and Hurricanes supporter, Bruce joined FMANZ in 2011, and was elected to the Board early last year.


If you were asked to sum up what facilities managers do in one sentence, what would you say?

We provide a safe, healthy and fit for purpose work environment, as well as a range of services to ensure a positive experience for both employees and visitors.


What makes a good facilities manager do you think?

One of many things is the ability to build effective networks. They must also be able to apply their technical and practical knowledge to provide appropriate solutions.


What do you enjoy most about working in Facilities Management?

The wide range of activities, and the people that you work with and meet.


Why do you think a member organisation is important for FM professionals?

All professionals need a professional body which can provide a range of services for them. These include education pathways, networking opportunities, advocacy, as well as standards of practice, ethics and conduct. Our Strategic Plan provides information on a range of initiatives focused on the five pillars of the plan.


Have you had a chance to think about what you’d like to achieve as Chairperson? What will be your priorities?

I was excited to see us revisit our Strategic Plan last year, and want to ensure that our Board works well with our CEO Gillian Wess and her operations team to deliver on this plan. We have made really great progress with our educational offerings, and I would like to see progress now made on developing and implementing a CPD framework and system for capturing this information.


What are the major challenges and opportunities facing the industry?

A major challenge is in aligning FM to the business strategy. There are many opportunities, one of which is to use the workplace to support organisational programmes aimed at lifting employee engagement and productivity.


When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

Robyn and I are keen Hurricanes supporter, having had season tickets for a number of years with a group of friends. Fantastic to see us finally get the trophy this year. We also enjoy overseas travel. Last year we spent six weeks in Europe with a group of friends, picking up two Rugby World Cup games in Cardiff on the way home. I also try to get to the gym regularly.