Grey Water Usage

Yasmin Abdul Ahmed

Woolworths (Pty) Ltd – Grey Water Usage

We at Woolworths have looked at the water that runs under our building in the CBD of Cape Town, South Africa. We have been pursuing the use of the water for a few years and managed to get the go ahead in 2011 from the City of Cape Town.

The project commenced in 2011. We had experienced a lot of challenges. The treatment and utilizing the grey water for our air-conditioning system cooling towers as well as for the toilets and bathrooms, thus resulting in great savings for us and also saving the City Council.

Part of this innovation is to utilize sophisticated water treatment technology to achieve these aims.

This will save the Cape Town municipality an estimated 27 375 000 litres of water a year, or 75 000 litres of municipal water a day conserved by Woolworths.

This project forms part of a commitment to reduce Woolworths relative water consumption by 30% by 2012, as well as Work with suppliers to reduce water use and improve waste water management.

We have also received the COC from the City of Cape Town.

Woolworths are saving the environment, going Green, we are at this stage the only business to go and get this initiative implemented and approved by the City Council of Cape Town. We at Woolworths are proud to be part of this initiative and been part of going Green to save our planet.

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