World FM Day 2023

10th May 2023

Making a Real Difference

 Hello Facility Managers

“Today is World FM Day, and we would like to thank you for you selfless service to the worldwide FM Community. Your unprecedented adaptability, collaboration and steadfast commitment have contributed significantly to the safety and development of workplace strategies for all those who depend on the built environment.
Many of you know that a changing paradigm has dramatically accelerated due to a renewed focus on key FM emerging topics. Specifically, sustainability, resilience and corporate responsibility are now center stage for leaders worldwide. These topics significantly impact corporate decision making, and the Facility Manager stands at a crossroad where they all converge.
Expanding your skill set with the integration of IOT, Smart digitization technology with key corporate strategies will provide an golden opportunity to increase the value of the Facility Manager within any organization. We want to prepare FM’s for what’s ahead and for you to boldly lead into the future.
Thank You FM’s for “Making a Real Difference”. Your dedication has enabled us to emerge from the pandemic and will carry us through to a brighter tomorrow”

John Carrillo CFM,
IFMA Fellow Chairman,
Global FM

World FM Day - Video Highlights

World FM Day Task Group Brief, Scope and Outputs


World FM Day is an initiative of Global FM The purpose of the Task Group is to prepare, plan and execute the activities to engage all GFM Members in the World FM Day (WFMD) celebrations.

Article Highlights

Theme Development

There is the need for the development of a specific theme each year, reflecting ‘FM issues of the day’ as identified by the Task Group, as a ‘call to action/reason’ to celebrate the work of FMers...

Events Recommendations

The Task Group would typically seek to give suggestions to the GFM Members as to the types of events that may be suitable for organisations to hold, or Member Associations may organise...

Graphics and Collateral

To focus on the activities of WFMD, a base logo has been introduced and the theme is then superimposed on the base logo. This enables ‘brand’ consistency and builds a common recognition of WFMD...


The Task Group may also seek sponsorship at a Global FM level (not GFM Member Association level) to assist in any item requiring funding associated with WFMD. This would require Global FM Exec Committee approval before being formalised and agreement being executed...

Communications Plan

A Communications Plan is generally a handy tool to enable clear and transparent planning and distribution of messaging. An example of distribution utilized may include...

Structure of the Task Group

The membership of the Task Group has been for representatives of each GFM Member Association. The purpose is for each representative to act as an ambassador and to seek and provide feedback from their Association to enable active participation at Member Association level...

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